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About Us:

   We   are a team from Egypt. We are happy to share in this year 2012in the world of Microsoft Learner and we feel that we are in a new appearance different from any activities we had done before. Our new ideas were born with the community of Partners in learning   either inside or outside Egypt with all partners and all communities to achieve   communication and Cross- cultural underestanding and be creative with the new Learning  Suite of Microsoft which make learning process more exciting.

For me  ,It is the first time I participate in Microsoft Competition , after hearing a video Conference and opening an account in Partner in learning. So we’d like to introduce our new ideas as to achieve creativity , using modern technology in learning process, communication , teamwork and self-direction as the best way to apply 21st century skill.

 We are interested  in studying cotton and we realized that cotton has  several uses in our life , as the Egyptian finest cotton which is thin and longest fiber is the best one for clothing as it is soft and light in summer fashion. Cotton also used in making paper , wood  ,soap , medical materials and for edible oil. Moreover, we realized after our meeting with specialized that we can convert cotton sticks into coal which helps to absorb wastes , which coming out of factories or over rivers and oceans.

What we have done in our project is an innovative ideas among partners is how we extract ETHANOL as a BIO-DIESEL to move cars instead of petrol and solar which harm and pollute our environment. So ,  we brought starch , yeast . Amylase Enzyme and Cotton leaves to extract Ethanol inside the Lab. Cotton as a plant become the best friend to environment.

The second experiment is extracting Edible oil from cotton inside Science Collage Lab.


*Level: 11: 18

Coach :Mrs.Eman Mohamed Yousef Sadik.

Gamal Farghaly Sultan Secondary School



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