Assuit City

* The Location :

خريطة اسيوط    Assuit is my own city. It is a historical city in upper Egypt. It is called “ciyot”It is located between two mountains; the western mountain which connected to the largest desert and the eastern mountain which connected to the Red Sea mountain. It is a small city , so the inhbitances and buildings are very expensive.

زراعةIt is called the trade line between the north and south Egypt becaouse the River Nile goes along the city , so there is agreen land along the banks of the Nile.




* The area at the time pharaoh:
اثار2     جبل اسيوط  اثار


There are still some ancients that remain from the age of pharaoh as below:

* The area of Christian time:

كنيسة                              دير المحرق



Lots of old churches are found in Assuit city where christians can go to pry.You can see the following pictures:

* The area of Islamic time:

مسجد عمر مكرم                         مساجد
Lots of mosques are found in Assuit city where Muslim can go to pray . You can see the following:
Most people in Assuit city are interested in learning and education althaugh most of them are farmers and work in
several occuption like trades (selling and buying goods) , buildings , mechanical and professional works and
engineering and medical careers. See something about modern life in Egypt;

* Modern desinging in Assuit:

ميدان ام البطل  الكورنيش  قناطر اسيوط

ديوان عام اسيوط  قناطر  جامعة     نهرية  وقت الغروب منتزة

* Education inside Assuit:

There is a convey to overcome poverty and illetracy inside Assuit city includes in building schools and spreed learning classes and using modern technology in schools. This attempt to apply in the near future as a means to apply 21st century skills.

تلاميذ  طلاب  تابليت




* Assuit city and the 25th January Revolution”


The citizens in Assuit are good and helpers and facilators for any contribution for the welfare and good living.
So they share with demonstration in Egypt which achieved their goals. But one of the greatest disasters happened
at this time is that a train crashed a school bus full of children in its way to school. This because of the
corruption government before revolution.حادث القطار


We hope to overcome the poverty in my city and enlightened its coming generation with learning and using
modern technology.

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