Drop of water ……………….Life

 Drop of water……..Life

As a team we have done our project to thank Dr. Farouk El baz a lot of what he has done for Egypt , Arabian Gulf Countries and the world in the range of Geology. All Egyptians were very happy , when Dr. El baz announced  his great discovery of the underground water in the western and eastern desert.This discovery means that all Egyptians feel happiness and don’t feel disappointment of the largest desert and the hottest places in Africa . He gave hope to changes the heat of the sun into a cold environment  by watering the desert and changed it from barred land into green one.So, we should keep water for  drinking , watering land , human purposes , animals and all creature . We shouldn’t abuse water inside schools , home and streets. We should be full careful in using water. Thank you again Dr. Farouk El- Baz.

Dr. Farouk El Baz  among my students.


Islam Khaled                                     Alaa Adel                                       Ahmed Ali                             Habel Hero

Mina Refaat                                    Ibrahim Amin                                Alaa eldin                                 Mina Samir

Mina magdy                                     Abdel hamid                                Salah Mohamed                        Ahmed Saad

Students’ Activities:                                   https://wordpress.com/post/emanteamdropofwaterwordpress.wordpress.com

teamwork contact with peers online
writing a song

group writes a song

searching  online
communication online
Activities of the team
Activities of the team

School Poster

11 22 33 2014-10-15 21.30.18 drop of water1

song smith song

Team Thanks Dr. farouk El Baz by making videos

A video about save water

Students’s song about “Drop of water….Life”

Drop of water……..is life,     see life on the lips…….you can’t live …without water,   Drop of water, Drop of water ….is life

Life of thirsty ,      Life of patients    , Life of Child ,                  life of dryness

Drop of water ….Drope of water ……………..is life.

قطرة    ماء حياه ,    شوف الحياه على الشفاء ….لايمكن العيش بون الماء……..قطرة ماء , قطرة ماء……هي حياه

حياه الظمائى , حياه المرضى , حياه الطفل , حياه الجفاف , قطره ماء , قطرة ماء ……..قطرة ماء حياه

Some slogans are hanged inside school

lwater صص قول

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    22emanyousef responded:
    6 November 2015 at 6:15 pm

    مرحبا بكم زائر وباحث على موقعنا ومشروعات مدرسية مميزة.

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    assuittwtgroup said:
    15 March 2017 at 7:56 am


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